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nancy_jonsonI knew for some time that a change needed to happen in my life.  I have been a roller coaster of weight gain and loss for as long as I can remember.  I have tried every fad diet program, every scheme, bought multiple videos and equipment; never with true success.  I was told about boot camp by a friend of mine that had really good results with it. She told me about it three months before I ever went in.  I had my internal debate over the cost and my own self doubts as to whether or not I would stick with it.  Then one day I was playing tag with my kids in the house and chased my youngest up a flight of stairs.  I was completely winded and all I could think was that this is not ok nor is it normal… I finally went to the website and started reading about FBBC.

The thing that makes this program different than everywhere else is that they care.  They know that change comes from inside, but more than just what’s in your physical body.  Without wrapping your head around the mindset and junk that has kept you from succeeding before, you will never succeed.  The trainers at FBBC actually invest in you.  They start with your goals and help you to be realistic in your expectations.  Then step by step they integrate diet changes to get you on track with nutrition and what your body needs and remove the bad habits that you have taken on over time.  It is not an overnight change it is baby steps that are completely do-able.  They teach you how cheats are not the end of the world and are necessary to get you where you need to be.  I like the saying progress, not perfection.

Accountability was also another failing point in the past for me.  It is hard to do it all alone.  At FBBC, we are a family.  I see these people outside of the gym and have built relationships with many of them.  The trainers actually promote this with social mixers and athletic events that we do together outside the gym like whitewater rafting and mud runs.  We keep in constant communication via Facebook, email, and we all have each others cell numbers too.  The trainers are accessible and hold you to your goals with regular measurements and weigh ins.

Although motivation is so much higher at this facility, the fact that they build on your acceptance of responsibility and your sole ownership of your actions has been essential in the changes I have seen.  It is easy to lay blame on so many things like kids, work, and life just being too busy; but when you finally gain the confidence to be accountable to yourself for the results you want, they come.  I am about to be a hundred pounds down after eleven months.  These last few months have been slow going, but the progress is in the way I feel in clothes I can wear, not the size that I am or the number on the scale.  Although I would like to lose another thirty pounds to be at my original goal, my mindset is different than it was a year ago.

They jokingly call me a “lifer” at FBBC, and they couldn’t be more right.  Although I don’t know where life will take me from here, I know that I am never going back to where I was or who I was.  There was something wrong when what I looked like was important to me for the people around me and not my own health.  Ultimately, what you want has to be for you, it has to be what you desire and you have to wrap your head around that fact; at least I did.  There is no try, there is do and do not do.  Fear can be your biggest motivator or your worst enemy, it depends on what you let it do.  What do you have to lose?  Better yet, what do you have to gain?  Much love Stacy, Laura, and Eric!!

– Nancy Jonson –


I joined boot camp in June of 2012. I started out at 240lbs. During the previous year I joined the gym, working out 2-3 mornings a week on the treadmill and using weights. I have worked in
ardiology for the last 15 years, I certainly knew the right things to eat. After a full year of no results, I knew I needed something different. My friend had great results at Envision boot camp and I decided to give it a try. The physical transformation was immediate. I realized I wasn’t working out hard enough and I was eating way too much. At Envision the group workouts make it fun and provides support to keep going and push yourself harder. The great thing about this program is that it is hard but not impossible, every exercise can be modified or stepped up to be harder. The trainers make you feel like you are having one on one training, always keeping an eye out to make sure you are safe and giving it all you can. It is hard to explain what makes this different than other programs, but it is. Every person I have brought in to the class signed up after one class. There is a family feeling to this group that makes everyone feel welcome and part of a team. In 6 months I lost 40lbs and still have 40 to go. I am grateful to have become a part of the Envision family and will continue live a healthier life here even after I have reached my goal. Thank you all for your hard work.

–Kara Voccola–

Nancy Front 3-22-13Nancy Side 3-22-13 I joined Fit Body Boot Camp in July of 2012. I had been attending another boot camp for 2.5 years and had become disenchanted with it. I am a person who loves working out and have done it most of my life and have found Boot Camp to be one of the best forms of exercise for results out of all the types of exercise programs I have done in my lifetime. Therefore, I was really on the hunt to find another boot camp. At my daughter’s recommendation, I attended FBBC for the one week trial, immediately joined and have never looked back. There are many things that I like about this program, one being the flexible schedule of classes you can attend, the individualized attention you get from the trainers, even though it is a group class, and all that they offer you in addition to the classes. Nutrition support is available, every month they arrange an event that gives back to the community so you feel not only healthier but also that you are helping others in the community and sometimes there are challenge events in which you can participate.

It is a great environment while you work on being healthier.

This past January I participated in the 24 day challenge. We were divided into teams and within the teams we supported each other and held each other accountable. It was a lot of fun and amazing results were accomplished by all who participated. For me I was shocked that I lost 8 pounds, several inches and 4%+ body fat, all while having fun and learning more about how to stay healthy. I am the grandmother of 5 and I tell you this because Boot Camp truly is for everyone, regardless of age or current fitness level. Stacy, Laura and Eric will help and support you to reach your health and fitness goals.

If being healthy is one of your goals, come join us and experience the fun and the amazing results for yourself.

Nancy Marshall –, Fit and Over 65yr. young!

D.J. Elrod Community Get fit Give back Memorial

D.J. Elrod Community Get fit Give back Memorial

I got started with Boot Camp back in August, I was walking every morning, but didn’t see the results and it was boring doing it alone. I signed my daughter up for gymnastics at the World of Gymnastics and noticed the ad for Boot Camp. I called the next morning and left a message. Stacy Ward immediately called me back and was so energetic and seemed so passionate about helping me make a difference in my exercise world. I showed up for boot camp not really knowing what to expect and it was amazing. I joined the 6am class, I immediately felt a true connection with Stacy. She looks amazing and is sooo passionate about helping everyone achieve their goals. I have been a member of many gyms in the past, but nothing at all like this. We are a group of people with the same common goal!! I am addicted….I can honestly say if I miss…I feel horrible about it! Stacy is also there for you to help you understand how to eat, what to eat, and what to stay away from. You can set your body up to be a fat burning machine and she will help you!! You don’t need to starve, just understand…….This is the greatest experience I have ever had, I am with this group of wonderful trainers FOREVER…I also, incorporated the new WERQ class with Laura… don’t have to be a professional dancer, just be ready to move around, and BURN lots of calories….Thanks Envision for helping me continue to reach my goals…. I never thought I could—-I feel great about my arms, my legs, by buttocks…..not to mention the energy I have!!!! ENVISION ROCKS….nothing compares!!!!

–Meredith Greene–

Stacy, before

Stacy, before

Stacey Hays,48yrs.

Stacey Hays,48yrs.

Envision Family Focus Fitness………………..A great way to change your life.

I took a good look at myself in the mirror and didn’t like what I was seeing. My sister – in – law called me and wanted to start some kind of exercise, like walking or a video at home. Well needless to say, I was up for something, anything, and she found Envision.

Boy that first week was very hard, but I trudged on and now I can go through the entire class not quite so out of breath, but just as sweaty (he he ). And with the guidance and training from the staff, I have learned to properly exercise.

The programs they offer keep you motivated and interested. They mix it up a lot so that you don’t get bored doing the same ole exercises. Plus you meet and make new friends. That helps in keeping you accountable. Doing the videos at home takes more discipline than I have, too many ways to find something else to do, like housework, hold the couch down so it doesn’t run out the front door, ya know stuff like that.

I never thought I would be excited to exercise, but I am. Stacy, Laura and Eric make it fun for you while working out so that you get the results you want. I have lost 17 lbs. and a total of 12 ½” so far and have almost met my goal weight and size. Now I just keep going to firm up more.

The first step is to go………….once you’re past that first week, which can be hard, it becomes easier. They have modified versions of each exercise. The best goal is to lose 1 to 1 ½ lbs. each week ( some people can lose more). You will notice a difference in one month, family will in about 2 months and your friends in 3 months. They will be telling you how great you are looking and want to know what you did to look so great.

Thanks Envision for everything,

–Stacey Hays–

I decided in October of 2012 that I needed to make a major change in my life. As I got older, it became more and more difficult to maintain a healthy body weight, and I just did not feel good in my clothes anymore. I decided to start boot camp and completely change my diet. In the beginning, boot camp was just a scheduled way for me to burn calories so I could keep my food intake balanced, but over time, boot camp became so much more. Not only have I lost 20 lbs and over seven inches, but I have gained a second family. I love working with the trainers and the other members of the class. We all work hard to motivate each other while achieving our personal goals. Boot camp is so much different from any other program I have tried in the past because of the people and the skills that we learn in the classes. I started attending the night classes three times a week, but now I go four nights a week. I absolutely cannot get enough of the classes, and I find myself looking forward to them during the day. The classes are not always easy, but they are not difficult, either. They are just challenging enough to keep me working harder each and every class. The results of this class on my physical and emotional well-being have been life changing. I plan to continue the class as often as possible and to continue to eat healthy. My long term goals are to continue to sculpt and tone my body and maintain a healthy body weight through diet and this amazing exercise class.

–Shannon Taylor-Owens–